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Forklift Lithium Battery

Dive into the new era of motive power.


Battery per truck


Required plugin per shift


User maintenance


Max charge current

Let Your Batteries and Chargers Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

In addition to the increased productivity and energy efficiency, managing your battery fleet is a thing of the past with VELOX lithium batteries. 

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E20 40kW per day (this week).png

Take Control

Create fleets and monitor each of your VELOX lithium batteries.

Future Ready

The modular design makes the VELOX battery easy to adapt to your next forklift. 

Ultra Fast 

From 400A to 1200A of charging AMPS to get by your peak work days.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our team will  monitor each batteries and they will notify you if something has to be addressed.

Closed loop

Positioning chargers strategically in the warehouse is the key to increase your productivity and optimize return on your investment. 

Did you know?

Damaged DC plugs is one of the most common issues, keeping them of the ground will avoid down time. That is why VELOX chargers include a floor stand and a pogo stick to hold cables off the ground,

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Details matters

An optimal battery charge port location will contribute to better charging habits. 

Our CSMs (customer success managers) takes pride in planning the implementation details, in addition they monitor your batteries closely to ensure a smooth integration process.

Universal fit 

VELOX batteries are designed to fit any brands of trucks, they will fit the size and weight of the replaced lead acid battery.

In the event where your truck is not compatible with our battery CanBus communication to display state of charge (SOC), we will install a remote battery discharge indicator (BDI). This device will display the SOC, make different audible warnings if SOC gets to a critical level. 

Our Programs 

Short term

3-12 months

Evaluation of LiIon - Fixed monthly cost

Enabling you to experience VELOX lithium batteries without any commitment.

Short term rental is the simplest way to introduce lithium into your application or make sure that you will be covered during your peak season.

Long term

60+ months

 Buying or Hybrid Rental

With VELOX Hybrid Rental, you can operate a high-performance lithium battery for an initial cost comparable to that of a lead-acid battery. Additionally, for a fixed monthly fee, you can retain the product and ensure uptime, all while benefiting from a 10-year warranty. 

Medium term

36-60 months

Leasing option - Pay by the usage 

Wouldn't it make sense to only pay for what you actually use ?

Get a great energy cost rate with Pay by the usage - Lease.

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